My friend knows I’m mad at her but she is acting like a fool

So far Sabo hasn’t been worth it :))) I’m not making as much money as I expected and I haven’t even broke even. My friend is bringing me down and making me angry and I’m tired. This wasn’t worth the stress I got


 You don't remember what you were doing

I thought that after what happened she would stop but I guess not whatever

I’m kinda disappointed that my friend is still smoking hookah bc whenever she’s like “I don’t want to be like my mom” She does exactly what her mom does and smokes and gets mad at everyone around her so I kinda don’t want to even talk to her


2014年8月23日 兵庫県立フラワーセンター 兵庫県加西市


love long walks in the countryside🌿


considerably better photos


evangelion world @ fuji q

!!! im so tired!!! and stressed!!! I wish this weekend is worth it !!!!


The fact that in the second opening Mamoru gets to go from standing in the front line with Sailor Moon to being shoved as far back into the background as possible to make room for the lesbians will never not be hilarious and beautiful.

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