gravity falls seems like one of those shows that kids who are like 8 years old right now will rewatch ten years down the road and go “what the fuck? this was fucked up. did this fuck me up? this probably fucked me up”

If you think I’m “illegal” because I’m a Mexican learn the true history because I’m in my homeland.


I cant stop drawing this possessed brat


Hajime's cooking


happy birthday to a cutie ( ˘ ³˘)♥

[Message 3 - Left at 6:51am] Clementine? Baby, if you can hear this, call the police. That’s 9-1-1. We love you…we love you…we love y—[Beep]


Senshi Study Sesh!

This was the piece I submitted to the Meatball Head Sailor Moon art show in LA at Meltdown Comics! The show was this past weekend and was curated by the wonderful Nico Colaleo, who had a bunch of amazing artists in the industry contribute to the show! I heard that it was a blast, and wish I could have been able to make it.

So many thanks to my friends Gyimah, Ben and Scott for helping me out! I have much to learn, but was eager to try something new with environment, perspective, and colours. The colours have been tweaked since, but otherwise the drawing is the same :)

I’ll post some close ups later! Enjoy!



kanye west literally compares himself to vanellope von shweetz in wreck-it ralph

i love kanye west

I’m angry but I still love you

Can you draw the Sailor Scouts as vegetables?


I guess I can


Episode 1 vs. Episode 11
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